The simple act of working with your hands can often create a sense that the world has slowed down. Whatever that creativity is, it provides a chance to personally connect with a process that in turn gives us the space to make our own mark and the opportunity to dream of more. Essentially, it’s the chance to unwind, ponder and create.”

Zenzero is the brain child of Karen Wright. The youngest of three daughters, Karen was raised in a creative environment with parents who were passionate about doing, making and learning. The home front was continually a creative hub with self employed parents who could turn their hands to most things and – if the know how was lacking, they’d seek to educate themselves to ensure another skill was mastered.

Crafting has always played a huge part in Karen’s life and she has experimented with a variety of pursuits over the years as trends have come and gone. The daughter of a dressmaker and a photographer, Karen grew up making her own clothes and fashion accessories and later found a lot of satisfaction from producing her own soft furnishings and furniture restoration. Her father passed on his love of all things wood and Karen has always had a keen eye for quality pieces and values the craftsmanship of yesteryear. She can often be found scouring through thrift shops to find that next treasure that can be re-purposed and re-loved.


Her focus is to simplify and embrace the practice of slowing down. To value and re-purpose items from bygone eras, make carefully considered choices and treasure items that were worth waiting for. She is passionate about our carbon footprint and strives to reuse, recycle and re-purpose whenever possible.

Being a maker gives me a huge appreciation of the time, patience and skill that goes into the things I own. Through this process, I have become a more mindful consumer”

I’ve always loved sewing

Karen has two adult children and can now focus full-time on her creative pursuits. The birth of Zenzero has given Karen the creative avenue to develop her love of sewing and mosaic art (amongst other things). She chooses to use quality materials including locally designed and printed fabrics and locally sourced Australian leather. Her mosaic belt buckles feature recycled bone china usually sourced from charity stores.

We welcome you to experience the pleasure her quality products provide. Handmade, one off original creations made with joy.